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Smoke signals across continents

can go a long way

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I'm a twenty-yearone old nerd. That enjoys a good long shower, but hates prune-y fingers.

CAPSLOCK, :d, a finer world, acting, adobe photoshop, all star superman, anchorman, ancient china, apollo/midnighter, art, ass babies, assassins creed, bandaids, batman, bayformers, big boss, bisexuality, black panther, blackest night, bryan hitch, cable/deadpool, california, captin america, cats, chinese food, chocolate, comic books, comics, computers, crack, crack pairings, criminal minds, csi, dancing, daredevil, dc comics, ddr, dead or alive games, deviantart.com, devil may cry, do i dazzle you?, doa, doing the impossible, dynasty warriors, fan-fiction, fanfiction, fatal frame, final fantasy, fuck you it's magic, gaia, garth ennis, gay rights, girl gamers, godzilla, halo, hamburgers, house, house md, i don't even know, jizz in my pants, koei, lady gaga, laughing, left 4 dead, love, lying about everything, marvel, metal gear, metal gear solid, mighty avengers, moshing, new avengers, not only slash, playstation 3, psn, psycho mantis, queer as folk, raising people from perdition, rats, red vs blue, reno 911!, resident evil, robot fights, robots, roundhouse kicks, salad, samurai warriors, sarcasm, saving the world, skulking, slash, snakes on a plane, south park, sparkles, spawn, spiderman, srs bsns, star wars, stealth, stormwatch, superheroes, supernatural, surprise buttsecks, swearing like a sailor, tattoo, techno, technology, the authority, the avengers, the batman, the boss, the comedian, the green lantern, the hulk, the midnighter, thor, torchwood, transformers, ubisoft, victorias secret, video games, warren ellis, warriors orochi, watchmen, wildstorm, wolverine, world domination, writing, x-force, x-men, xbox live, young avengers, zero punctuation, zombies